Dear Mom I Love you

Dear Mom,

           I need you Mom I need you deadly today, Your son is not well today 1st time in life.

I am ill very ill today, My Soul going finish with the deadly pain, I lost my Soul, My Love, My Dream, My Principal, honesty and all of things which was of mine, I lost. I am Going die slowly and silently from inside Mom, before leave the world I want to Say you Mom that " I Love You, Love You very Much."
Mom, I was Lost my innocent  heart in early 14 in my age when you was order to save our people, from which moment I try to do best for people and due this game Your innocent little son lost his innocent heart and start to make ownself more and more powerful by money side, man-power, political connection and brain power by talent.
Now It's 34 of me and in my 29 I was leave all of you just to get the Love and Peace of Soul because everyone of our people using me just for their need only like a subject, my power, passion, talent and money just using on wrong way. I

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