As a Muslim I think, which Nation would be fall down in Tension as with a dead  Line when the major present follower will leave the basic things of their own Religion basic  guideline. At now please come down for thinking about, what's the wrong with us going on happening  ..... ? we are as a to-day's Muslim - all time we are  thinking Like others,we have forgotten to
 thinking like such a 100% honest Muslim, forgot the rool as a Muslim for Muslim Community also.INVITATION TO KNOWN THE ISLAM
 all things better more then others.. 

 Islam (as a peace of heaven ) as a shelter of all Universal humanity, all will be stay in one stage
 like, King & beggar, Stronger & weaker, all human is same hear also.. but to day's society not like
 that. to day's society operator not in hand of Muslim  Community.

 we are not suitable for the society  operator- because we have left  our own System of education,
 our own System of behaviour, our own System of  Culture, our own System of all kind which 
 say's 'Al- Kuran' & prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S.A)....

 So please think 1st Like a 100% honest Muslim & all Muslim's to do 100% duty for Humanity..
 All Problems will go back in there, which is came from  ???

  Please think 1st. personally, are we right now ???????

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