"Limits the rights of women in Islam

"Limits the rights of women in Islam, but first of all Islam has given women rights" - American sister Lisa Vogl Hamid
My name is Lisa. My age is 31 years. I was from a Christian family line. My father was Catholic, my mother was a conservative Christian Baptist. Islam for me to be in my family was a very big issue. My mother wanted me and I like them all make their way there too. He was like my ethics, my way of doing things their own way, we used to get two things from each other.

Not religious but I was not like them. As I said, my mother was a conservative Baptist Christianity I'd prefer if I was a bit older when I was going into the Christian camp.

I remember when I was 15 years old. I Minnasota a "Young Life Camp" was in. It was there to be done to get everyone together to say that the Christ my God. I did the same. At that time I was 15 years old, a 15-year-old does not manhunt, whoever says something, assume that we perceive.

I started thinking to myself that if I ever told anyone what the Bible is to be turned into hell, so he will not read the Bible because the Bible was written so it will be in hell. But then I began to suspect that I baptismal not say I agree Jesus.
Then I started going to college, where I met many Muslim friends, many of them were from Morocco. I only lived with them. One day I told him that I want to wear clothes like you.There. So he said okay and gave me my scarf, I asked him what it's called. He speaks of it Abaya.

I do not know why, every day for 3 months was up at Fajr prayer and daily Abaya and wore a hijab. I do these things not as a Muslim but was Yuhi. I was, perhaps because I was a little excited to see it and I thought it was a new kind of cloth.
I'm with them and that I did not talk much, because he speaks Arabic and English I. Still, I learned a little Arabic. Then I came home. Study was completed and I began to work in a bank. A Muslim country 'Morocco', being in me knew nothing about Islam.

I left the job at the bank because it was not good for me to draw interest. I always wanted to be a photographer, because it is a very creative work.
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