My all Muslim Brothers & Sisters-Aasalamualaikum

                          My all Muslim Brothers & Sisters
  We r Muslim & we all better known that what for the world was made & human      
also By the owner Of Supreme power .
we r all as servant of his order by which is present in Al- Quran  & whenever whenever 
all saying by the prophet &    Nabi ….  We r the follower of the Great Prophet Hazrat
Mohammad (S.A) …
We all Muslim Community r going some difficult & painful periods, & somebody say’s
if Adlof Hitlar
Would win the 2nd world war then today’s Israel –Palestine problems not come down on Muslim world
Same body say’s if we can go with understand with non-Muslim power unit then we should not down in this painful period..
I believe that’s all bogus & nonsense type thinking, no one Muslim has no right’s to thinking like
That because we r the follower of Prophet Hazrat Mohamad (s.a) & his dream thinking by order
ISLAM  not believe on others thinking because we have the better then the better thinking which
Is give by Allah.
Human community Live in mainly Europe, Asia & Africa form starting of human culture till now ,
America, Australia are open out in the current period like 400-500 years, and at now they are
The controller of world’s.
Until the 50 years world’s wise problems of Muslim community are going and for that no others
Power or person to be responsible, because we Muslim community are yes we are total responsible
For  that only we are. Because we are forgot the basic platform of us, the basic point of us we are forgot
And for that we are here.
I we divided by name of country like Saudi, UAE, Hindustan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and others
Famous, nonfamous  name and we fill proud for this nonsense type activities …….
The basic condition of Islam, the 1st condition of Islam is - UNITY, THE MUSLIM’S WORLD” by called
Our dear prophet Mohammad “Our Muslim World”
The 2nd condition is socialism and democracy in human society.
The 3rd condition is honesty like such a Muslim by follow the Al-Kuran.
We have forgot & leave all this………………… ……………… ………………
But all this things are copy by others community and they are follow on it for make the power
And control the worlds like Europiun league, U.N.O,  W.H.O, ………………
They are also ues the 1 economical system by world bank with ‘Euro’, the unit army power
Like NATO …
So for they are in the supper power , so for they are in the position of king, so for they are
Like that
And our goodness, so for we are like that – not like died and not like live …
So for that we r stay and going to use like a football and by play by others community
Around the world…
Please come on to  meke 1st the Muslim worlds , come on to say again to other’s that
“Yes” we are Muslim & we are better more then all of you because ALLAH & ALLAH’S Prophet
Mohammad (s.a) with us …
We are we not like you or Yours…….

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