The duty on Administrator to citizen in ISLAM

One Day of KHALIFAH Hazrat Umar Ibne Khattab....
One The KHALIFA HAZRAT UMAR IBNE KHATTAB (r.a) was moving up in knight as his normal duty to watch up of people's problem & life.. In near out of city a Woman was busy with Cooking something & her kids war crying loudly around her> Hazrat Umar Ibne Khattab (r.a) ask to the lady for what your Kids are crying? She answer that they are crying for the pain of hungry. Hazrat Umar Ibne Khattab ask to lady again then what are you doing by cook? She answer that she is acting to cook for make sleep of her child because she has nothing for cook so she take some water on a cooking pot at last they will tried for wait & get in sleep so I am doing This.....
Hazrat Umar Ibne Khattab(r.a) start Crying & went from there in Masjid. He take a lot Foods, money, & many others row instruments of cooking in a biggest packet & take it on his own head then some one MUZAHIDIN( Soldier) says to Hazrat Ummar (r.a) " O Khalifah e rashedin, please give me the bag to take on my head I will take it & went with you in where you need to carry on", Hazrat Ummar (r.a) answer it that" now you can take my load but when in the day of Final Judgement my Load of Sin who will take from me??? It's my duty & I have to carry my load"... The duty on Administrator to citizen in ISLAM
Hazrat Umar(r.a) come back in to the house of those Woman & call her then He start to make cake for the family & the all kids moves up from sleep & he also help to take the foods by own hand to the child. The woman says it that Time "you are the best person from more then KHALIFAH because you doing the duty of him & you also help me with a lot with foods & money"... HAZRAT UMAR (r.a) Says it that you come to KHALIAH at The Morning I will also be there to get more money & foods to you & He went back from there. AT Morning The woman Come to Office of KHALIFAH & She is totally confused to see it that the man are stay with a lot people who was with her in last knight & all people are calling him KHALIFAH. Then Hazrat Umar Ibne Khattab(r.a) give her more including methods for food & money & says to her O Lady Please forgive me that for my fault you have to suffer a lot pain...
O People remember it that if a Road side Dog in behind the River of IRAQ ( The Furat) be have died from the pain of Hungry ALLAH will not forgive me because I am The KHALIFAH of That Time In Muslim world & I will be responsible for it in the day of QAYAMAH (the Judgement day ) ..........The duty on Administrator to citizen in ISLAM

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