Story of a children's

At short I had a terrible bad habit. Pen
Risks of human shirk to the risk. Ours
If anyone came to visit the house then
I tried hard to kiss and kissed him
I would tell my mother crying crying,
Mom bring me my pen.
The guest might think,
"Wow !! This boy is very dear to me from the small time....
Must be a big one. "
When the mother was cut off by a terrible thing.
I'm going to add myself to some extent and my favorite.....
Weapons used to bring "pen".
Then he kissed and kissed in his jacket
I used to explain the fun of eating
When I was five years old, I was five years old
I used to have fun in the brain.
And once the stain of my pen
I'm not far away from kissing him
I did not show any signs of taking the lap.
But my favorite stain of my favorite is on all of them
She has been more than Mithila..
The tenant at our side house.
There was an unwritten tension in my daughter.
But tension towards the written torture of my weapon
Neither was less.
When I am wearing my clothes on Mithila's expensive costumes
Running the torture
And then the khills bursts laughing.
And stop running the pen
If you made the face black.
To me there was a single man,
Who would have been happy to not be ashamed of this torture.
But the reason for this is that my youngest brain is in the brain
Could not understand
One day my aunty said,
- "Mithila is your pen
Getting rid of the shame is not fun, is not it?
I also said to the enthusiast,
-Yes, that's it.
Then aunt smiled and gave me an idea.
He lifted me up and pulled me up and said,
- "Look, Mithila will be shameful now".
The next day, when I used to wear the pencil in the style of Mithila,
Cutting and cheating like aunty, I say,
-Mattila I love you.
Let's see really honesty.
Mithila's face was red in shame.
Who else ate tekaya weeping and weeping straight from his home
Began to walk towards.
And I picked up a big one like a mighty warrior.
Although there is no one to talk about Aunt's teachings
The idea was not.
Maybe Mithila was very much. If not, then be shy
So there was no word.

Fresh: But now understand that girls are probably one of the boys
Understand the lines.
Now I have always had the opposite incident with him.
The number of times I met with Mithila now
I'm ashamed.
And mithila saw me sweet smile laughing
Since I understand the meaning of Aunt's words, I am ashamed today
Until I did not look and dare in her eyes....

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