Tears Have Only One Language

Tears Have only One Language, it's Mankind Only....Tears Have only One Language, it's Mankind Only
What will you do if would be of your inocet kids or your own brothers Sisters & all Family Died by a War which Created by Very few country?
Stop......Think..... Feel.... Ask this qustion  to Yourself Once...
Now? Tears Have only One Language, it's Mankind Only
Do those all duty what's you are thinking to do for your family members ......
Tears Have only One Language, it's Mankind Only
Are We a really Civilize ? Are we really live in Democracy? Are we really educated? have really any rights to talking about human rights, civil common rights, Justice, education, democracy ? we are visiting Mars, Moon, sending satellite on space... really ????? 
Fuck... all bogus & meaning Less when our kids have not the basic needs to alive as a human being .... really it's shame on universal mankind......... Because as a Human being we kill others human being & enjoy with celibration, what a shame.
After 2nd world war We Organise UNITED NATION, INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, WORLD BANK, NATO, WHO and many more.. 
Do You Have any Idea about This Honorable Organigetion ? It's all oparet by USA. UNITED STATE handel by Multi-national corporate Businessman of USA. The Media, Capital, weopons all subject using by them to create stupid sitution.  By name democracy, religion, colore, terore, humanity they kill inocent People just doing business.  
GLOBAL TERROR just a virtual Mind Game of Western media against Islamic World. They are opareted by Wepon Manufacturer  company of Unite Stats,  They are killing Muslims around world, destroy Muslim country but their reaction calling terror by western media.....
Tears Have only One Language, it's Mankind Only
You Have your talent it's Your Destiny but Use of Your talent in your Real Life It's your Smartness & Use Your Talents & Smartness for People in Positive way It's your greatness ......Don't be a good people keep silence please, be great one to understan the real fact, truth, and infrom to all inocent people to help them to be educated. 

Some others people's Pain is not the Subject of your entertaining.
If you think that as a human you have a Duty on Society & on Humanity then Stop to all of acting what you did to see the pain tears of People, You have to do your duty as by silently which will better for Everyone .....
Tears Have only One Language, it's Mankind Only
Create by -Hasibur Rahaman from Delhi


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