The Creation of Universe by the view of Islam

The Creation of Universe by the view of Islam ....
When in the Universe was not human, before creation of human by Allah was made the JANNAT (Paradise) & Jahannam (hall) with Allah's own needed of creation and after made the Soul only one Soul of The Hazrat Mohammad (S.A) and it was stay in Jannat ( Paradise).. The Angels asking this that who's is the Soul O Allah it is ?
Allah say's " this my only one friend, my lonely dear and the captain of Universe's this Soul..
Then all the Angels was say to Allah " O Allah if u need to create some more things by from any with Soul then they must will avoid you and they will must forget you and going to do try a lot big sin. Allah was challenge the all Angles with silently and be cool that "they can't avoid me, they also fill-up my every order and my every must duty"..
This was one of the reason for create the Human in Universe..
Then Allah create The 1st comer Human on Earth Adam( a.s) by from soil and give to him one another Soul and give the order to all Angel that you all doing Sizda (salute with full honor) to Adam (a.s). This was the order of Allah to all the creation of Allah But one of Angel are not be agree to do this for his some own problem so he get be punished as with Lanat (misery). Then The Iblish (Azazil) get return to be as a anti of Adam..
Adam & his wife come on Earth by 1st human from haven by get some punish for a little sin and from them the human coming grow on Earth and from then after time to time Allah send to human as a messenger ( The prophet) to for known what for human be create and what is the duty of them, AND THIS IS THE MUST TRUE THAT WHAT, THE ALL PROPHET SAY THIS ONE TRUE THAT THEY ARE NOT THE BIGGEST AND BEST PROPHET, THE GREAT PROPHET WILL COME ON EARTH WHO WILL MAKE THE HUMAN SOCIETY AS BEST AND ALLAH'S ALL RULES WILL ESTABLISH IN SOCIETY...

This all same true any one can find out from ISLAMIC history, Jews history, & christian history.. but from Adam (a.s) to Musha (a.s) was the no others way with out Allah's follower and anti of Allah's order. The period of Musha (a.s) the all people sow and get the maximum extraordinary support form Allah so after Musha (a.s) The nations would divided by 2 part, one side says that the Musha (a.s) is our prophet is best and not need any more and we not take others we have to follow forever the only Musha (a.s) and from this the Jews come from it..
When the Prophet Hazrat Isa (a.s) come on Earth then again the nation would divided by 2 part by absence of Isa (a.s) one side take him with wrong means that they will have to follow the Isa (a.s) forever.. This is called by Christian..
But their have no problems between the all prophet because they was just the messengers of Allah and they all say to human what have to say by Allah to people and they all say's to people that the great prophet will come at last and who will make the best of the nation...
Then when Hazrat Mohammad (s.a) come on Earth and come the holly book Al-Quran from Allah, this all enough for human for get the right way for human until the end of Earth, because Allah say's everything what have to say to human by Al- Quran and as the great example of the life of Hazrat Mohammad (s.a) ...
Al-Quran come to Earth to get the right way, Al-Quran have the every example about past, present, and future of Both world just the 1st moments of creation to till Qayamat (the ending day of Earth) after QAYAMAT to the final day of Justice to till Jannah & Jahannam, The Total hole example of creation, their have nothing what have not in Al-Quran and Al-Quran ont only for any particular nation and religions, The Al-Quran for Universe, for Human and humanity for both world.. So please all human take The Al-Quran to get the light of True, to get the way Allah, to get the only right way.
Allah made the Human only to do follow some orders of Allah and the followers have some restriction in this life and we have to follow the all what Allah need, what for we get the Love of Allah, what all Allah have like we have to do, what All Allah don't like we have to avoid those all things.. and for that we are be create by Allah. In the next world which have to start after Quyamat ( The Ending day of universe) then the Human will get return what they was done in world, Every ultra and micro activity will be justice by Allah and then they all will return their own rights..
when the justice day will come then no one be there for think for human with out Hazrat Mohammad (s.a).. This legend will be think and save all the people for get Marcy. no prophet, no personality, relative, and power will be there to for think some thing with out Hazrat Mohammad (s.a)
This is our Prophet that he is the Prophet of prophet, The only Leader of humanity, the only captain of Human for the next world what have no ending, what will stay for forever ... This is The Prophet Hazrat Mohammad, who's have not any problems with out Human of 1st day to last day of universe..
This is the honor this is the greatness, this is the only power of human.. there have no way with out Allah's Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (s.a)

{This message for all who have not any idea about Islam & Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (s.a) other wise as a simple man I have not any ability to say about Allah's Rasul and the creation.. O Allah pls forgive me and my sin if It done by me, ... }

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