The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Souls​

The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
I went on the way to Jaipur from Delhi wit my corporate team after complete the official deal in this last week. 
I was feeling very smoking thirst so I need to stop our convoy and we stop on highway behind a lonley tea shop.
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
One man coming  to me with very poor dress with careless hair from back side of oldest tea shop with a painful smile and ask " How are You Hasib ?"(everyone shocked of our business delegation and look back to me with the million questionable eyes)
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
I am looking very deeply the man and ask him "who are dear man? I am sorry but I am not able to remember you."                                                  "I am Rishi, Rishi Malhotra, your room met, 'Hasib' (reply with a painful smile )"
 Suddenly the land of under my feet goes down, My Soul, heart, thoughts and body become ice,
"Why you here Rishi" and how?  'I ask him with my broken voice with tearful eyes'
"I deserve it, by my poor destiny and poorness", He says.
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
My breath not with me, his answer directly kill my soul like a hunter arrow, I take him on on my arms and both become speechless.He take me inside a room in his tea shop, a oldest wooden chair with a oldest bed of wooden, I am looking the wall of room which is full by the photo of our student time, me, Alish, Rishi, Patil, Rohit and many more, my tears not stoping.
after 30 minutes I become take my sit in car and Car started at that time He said, "You become a famous successful businessman 'Hasib' I have all photo of you from business news and news paper in last 8 years, You famouse.
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
again his words kill my heart like a hunter arrow..

I close my eyes, 
" an innocent good looking boy coming to our room as a room partner, inform to us by hostel warden at morning from then Patil and Rohit upset and angry on me because I don't try to stop it and Patil don't want accept any others student in our hostel room family.
Rishi come and join us slowly slowly he become one our family member but destiny not helpful into Rishi, due his father's death he leave his MBA from Our university in 2007..
Uff...The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
Come to me Rishi and watch why and how I become famous, what I had pay as return. My fame take my life, my friends, reletivs  relative, my homeland, my innocent childhood, my peace each and everything take out from me.. My own people become my deadly enemy due the money, everyone every relation just need money from me everyone do misuses me,misuses my brain, misuses my configuration personality thoughts and honesty.  I lost my everything,I am alone very alone Rishi .. I cry by tears in lonely place like a fool, no one ask to be stop. I tried by loneliness and deadly pain of soul I cry alone without any arms, no one ask why I am crying ....
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
O Rishi come to me and see how am I with the fame   
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
Rishi, I am cooking till today by exchange of wash my personal use garments like hotels, but it's now become business not like past life innocent reletion with all of you.. I stay full night at my working table like past but no one shut down my computer, no one do fight with me like past for light. No one offer in mid night a cup of hot cofee with me like you..
No one take me on their arms in the moments os sorrow, no one tell me about the beauty of eyes of any girls, no one organize my birthday party with 'Vat 69'..
My wallet become empty till today but no one returns my Money to me like past..
O Rishi come to me and see I become successful and fame.
O Rishi I am a stupid lonley fool like past time but Some zero just added in my bank account and it's take my everything from me....
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
"I returns into Delhi from holly Ajmer city via Jaipur and going ready to take bed just That time mobile showing that the sms of my part of Soul And She will meet to me Yesterday, O Rishi She is my Soul but She can't feel it, O Rishi She is inocent, honest, sweet and real human being like me in past time. She don't know that She's have the most beautiful Soul of The Universe.
O Rishi She is going Finish by own people like me But I am trying to save her, O Rishi people had finish me but I don't want to give the chance the people to finish her.
The cyclone of Deadly Pain of My Soul
O Rishi I get the sea of dream in her Eyes and I can die to make her happy..

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