"The Fire of Tears, from The Eye Of Arabian mother

"The Fire of Tears, from The Eye Of Arabian mother..!!!!!The Fire of Tears of a Arab Mother

At Once one innocent man was going with his own mother but a ugly-mine, devils man claim in to a judge that those lady is also the mother of him. But after few hours latter The judge announce his judgment report that this woman are mother of both man so you both take her divided by two part & take you your own part......
The above story was use by one honest judge in past to understand the reality that who is the actual son of those lady but it Current Century The Great Britain take the same policy like those judge for Jews in Palestine but The Great Britain was take the example of story as by half for save the need & demands of his illegal son The Jews & divided the mother of Arab (The Palestine) by two part & trying to kill the mother of Arab (Palestine)... The Fire of Tears of a Arab Mother
The Great Britain did it for her illegal son ( The Israel ) [ I am use the pronoun(her) because The Great Britain have also one & only Illegal Husband, The USA]
The Great Britain did it because her illegal son was good devils work during the 1st & 2nd world war & The son of bastard (The Jews) get the part of Arabian mother...... & They are destroying the sweet & golden country .....
O Britain says your illegal husband (USA) that take out your bastard son from Arab land otherwise your all family will destroy from "The Fire of Tears, from The Eye Of Arabian mother...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        When Human Will Lost Their Humanity They Will horrible More than Animal... According International War Law any one can't Kill The Civilian Women, Child. & Old People, Hospital, Health Center, International NGO, Educational Institution, Public Drinking Water Supply System ... Then How Any one can Do it ??? Are We Really Live in Under Democracy with law & Order ???? 
When Dog's become Crazy & Mad Then they are Killed by Human.... When Human be Mad & Crazy then they have to send in jail, but When A Jews become mad for the blood for Muslim Then what have to do ???????????? The Fire of Tears of a Arab Mother

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