The wole Creation Createby Allah & Allah known

The Hole Creation Createby Allah & Allah known how
The whole Creation Create by Allah & Allah know how to be have to destroy this Universe....
O People of World don't be worry about any stupid & crazy man's stupidity for anythings like that that world will be finish on the date like X or Y or Z... 

The Hole Creation Createby Allah & Allah known how
Allah was create the whole Universe with His own Super power by step by step & what was need 7 days The All 7 Sky, The JANNAH ( Paradise ) The Jahannam (Hell) & all the Universes, Earth, Sun & Stars. The Hole creation was made by same naturals logic & naturals formula which the Human nations can take understand by their Brain & feelings. Allah make worn the Human by his great messengers by generation to generation with his holly message & also with Holly Book.
Allah announce the format of Ending day (Qyamah) with some sin-full changes & some basic value less reason by his creation & also maximum bad & wrong behave & thinking by human nation.
The world will be must finish by need of the "Great Supreme The ALLAH" not for any crazy, non-sense, stupid human's need or announcing by any stupid nations. It's need only ALLAH.
So O Brothers & Sisters of World don't be worry for that that World will finish by this. When The World will finish then the hole creation will finish & all the stars, planet & every things will hit to each others & even SUN also will damage & only the deep darkness will be stay.
Oh Muslims don't be worry about the ENDING Day of Earth because When it's be coming soon then the Holly Al-QURAN will leave the world & QURAn will be blank Book.
So please think about your Good work & must duty what all are approve by ALLAH otherwise you will be get the every moments by the unlimited pain & sorrow which all will be most largest more then the pain of ending day. ......The Hole Creation Createby Allah & Allah known how

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