"O Musha, you have to think about your every step now because you have lost the Pray hand of your which was all time need my mercy for you" 
This was advise of ALLAH to Hazrat Musha (a.s) after the death of His Mother because The Pray (Dua) of Mother are most usable in front Of ALLAH....

The Rights of Women inISLAM

The world are crazy for about the Rights of women as be the equal citizens rights like men,
O People, ALLAH announce The Rights of women just in under a nation with honorable place with extra honor under the human society which all is more then men's rights then for what the women would need to come down from their rights which they got from ALLAH. 
The Rights of Women inISLAM
ISLAM have the 100% rights of women about her need & choice about her life, future, education, profession actually all kind of social rights. The women have the rights in two side rights in capital one from her father side & one from her husband side & in grand total it's be maximum more than a men...
ISLAM have announce that a Girls when she would be under maturity she have not the only the reason of her sin I mean is she did any sin then she will not get only punishment alone her parents will also the part of punishment. After marriage her maximum sin will count in her husband head (few sector will not apply). 

The Rights of Women inISLAM

A woman is be the have the great part on society like a daughter,sister,wife,mothe r, & all the part she got few people they have to follow her care & about her rights... If Society & others did any wrong about her rights then the will count in the final judgment day as a criminal in front of ALLAH......... Then women have not to think about their rights & problems, the peoples have to think that how they will pass from the judgment day from all type of crime what they did on EARTH by avoid their duty what's coming from ALLAH as by order under AL-QURAN.....

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