USE starting  Ban the Muslims entry in USA, Why? Lest see why they doing it to be finishing their 
ownself O USA, You can ban Muslim but how can you ban Ismal in USA? Do you ready to stay your position if 54 Muslim country make ban you & your companys ? hahaha ..what a childist

Global terrorisim create by United state by cool & long time strategy from 1980 in Afghanistan to destroy Soviyet Union, because Mejor population of Soviyet  uninon were Muslim. But USA never can direct war againest Super Power Soviyet Union so they create a New Army by name of Islam by Muslim Fighter by all type of support of Money power, training, weapons, informition technology, secure shelter & pure protection under  soudi ararbia bess miloeire businessman Osama bin Laden, USA & GROUP were need to destroy Soviyet Union by pay any cost but avoid the direct War, Osama & some others Muslim Leaders take this chance to re-creat the others Muslim country, Osama start the War againest Soviyet Union from Afghaninstan in 1980-81 & They are able to recover Afghanistan From Soviyetin 1984. After that USA start to use the Osama bin Laden & his privet army to destroy Soviyet Union  & from 1991 to 1994 the Great Super Power Soviyet Union call ups & 14 Muslim country become get their freedom like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Mongoliya etc... Muslim World become Happy. 
The New Problem began start after that because after Soviyet Union Osama's 2nd terget were Isrel because few Jews capture the Palestine  by support of USA & BRITAIN in 1948, Every Muslims are againest that so now Muslim soldiers making terget move to Israel but USA never can promote to have to it by Osama, so USA & Muslim fighter become Enemy during 1998-1999.
USA had change their policy by Jews loby of white house & create a new strategy by using media The Islam-fobia, & start to destroy The Global Musil fighter name of terorror, Libya, Iraq, Afghanista, Syriya all those country under attac by USA's Army directly with support by some total fake reason create by USA.
Last 14 years USA killed  22 Milion inocent Muslim people in just Libya, Iraq, Afghanista, & Syria. 150 milion people become refugee They lost their Everything & World are keep silence because after Soviyet Union USA become The One & Only Supper Power & trying to be The God of World.
But tUSA was forgot that Every action have same & Equal reaction, now USA feeling fare & sceard for reaction So they starting Ban Musim into enter USA... hahaha but they forgot that 180 core Muslims in world & 54 Muslim country make Ban USA & their Company in Muslim world then every USA citizen will die by hungry, poor & USA become Somalia.... hahaha
Histry returns ownself back to back & The USA had start his ending to finish by their own devils work & they have to provide back to  nature the value of  blood of inocent people
Muslim world Happy to see The ban order ....hahaha

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