USA is a Slave of Jews

What do you Think about The JEWS ????
When 100 Son of Devils have been Died Then Born one Dog, When 100 ugly mad Dog have been Died then Born one Ugly Pig, When 100 Ugly Pig have been Died then born one Jews on EARTH, & Their Duty to do Crime on Humanity specially On Muslims...      USA is a Slave of Jews:-

O People Of JEWS, The ISRAEL, Muslims don't hate all of you they Feel shame on you that you all come on Earth in Shape of Human & your life time Duty will sure make you a permanent member of Hell ... 
USA is a Slave of Jews:-
what is your Think Friends??????????? 
USA Government secreteriet above 92% officers are Jews, they are controling the USA's brain, adminitration, corporate world, media, FBI, CIA, Stock exchange each & everything under control of them, USA had been hijak by Jews, USA Citizen & Gonernmet can't anything & result comes up that what Jews need to do worldwide they must do no one can't nothing becase In practically President eating,brithing, seeing hearing all only & only need on secreteriet system. Jews are the main reason of 2nd world war & from then all & every problem create by Jews from back stage with 100% under control..
USA is a Slave of Jews:-
The 60% multi-national company & media onwer are Jews.... Jews following their 200 years game plan by cool brain & be united with their community as become the the controller of Earth, they are just using to United stats's like a stick .... The USA will destroy by Jews & world will lose a great nation .
USA is a Slave of Jews:-
O people USA Please take the handel on your own hand of your country & nation otherwise you will cry after destroy like Germany & Japan....
USA is a Slave of Jews:-
Shear your point of view....
USA is a Slave of Jews:-
...... Thank you...

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