Woman sitting in the car, the boy came begging

Woman sitting in the car, the boy came begging, he saw that the woman gave to her day earnings
Kenya's streets begging for alms close link when a boy went to a car and a man sitting on the front seat of the car when he saw the state of his sympathy and wept uncontrollably. The child's emotional pictures are viral on social media.
The case of the African nation of Kenya, Nairobi, where a beggar child with people in cars stopped near a traffic signal was begging. He asked about the woman about her feelings and then became unruly and tears come out.

The boy's name is Little John Thuo beggars, and that was a woman named Gladys Kmende riding in the car. John's emotions forced him to cry, he realized that his life on the streets is extremely difficult conditions but Gladys was even worse than that. After which he raised his hands and began to seek God for help from women. It was a highly emotional moment, which was captured by those cameras.
Gladys told the local media that I had been sick for some time and I Avsykta surgery which sit in the car for a few friends came out to ask for help from people on the streets, in order to raise money for my surgery said. But then this guy came up to our car and took us to ask for money.

By that time, begging, crying badly by John Gladys collected from 100 shillings to the donated lung reconstructive surgery.

Gladys has been idle for 32-year-lung, which makes them always be with the oxygen cylinder. So far 12 have been of Gladys surgery but surgery had been stripped to the light of his eyes, after which she went to blind.

After the incident, John, Gladys and she's not from drug also threw the bottle, which was used to take that drug. Gladys then took responsibility for the woman and sent her to handle Children's Home. The woman promised that she will definitely go to him shall be healthy.
As soon as the news was viral on social media, so many generous donors who came forward to help Gladys raised 3 million shillings. Gladys has had surgery and now they are now healthier than before, he took John's lap.

Today it's an accurate reflection of humanity in this age, which is a human compassion and kindness towards another human being brilliantly shows. This definitely gives us a lesson that a human being helping another human being, we should of course, but even if they make little help of course!

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