You To You vs You

You To You vs You......
Mankind & Humanity are really tried to be divided to more division to more more & more by name of different subject & cause like Politics, Country, nation, language, culture & many more. It's become on Earth from some people who was busy for save their personal need & demands not for Human & Humanity.... ISLAM on Earth for only All Human & Humanity, ISLAM is not for only Muslim or not only for some people, It's for every one who are Human...
O People don't put up any question or challenge to any others person before asking to yourself that are you on right way ????
are you doing right what's all doing by from past by name of family culture & tradition????
are you in sure on that what you got from your family ????
are you get your creator who is Create you & The Universe????
all this question are for you to you when you need the all answer of question then ask to others that where you will get your all & every right answer.... It has in only AL-Quran ...

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