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The easiest way to improve your well-being with the help of massage is to influence the biologically active points located on the feet. These points represent a kind of projection of internal organs. Pressing on such points, we activate all the systems of the body stop pain spray....
To start a foot massage should be with a warm-up: the feet turn inward with their feet, are pressed against the couch and fixed for a few seconds in this position. Then they turn in opposite directions - with their feet outwards - and again cling to the couch. The third fixation: the feet bend up, then down and in both cases are fixed. Warm up is repeated three times...
After that, with two hands (one is pressed to the sole, the other-to the lifting of the foot), make such movement, as if pulling a sock, with effort leading hands to the upper edge of an imaginary socks pain quotes.
After that, drip on the palm of vegetable oil (especially recommended sesame) and carefully rub it in your hands. Once again, now slippery with oil hands, "put on socks" several times in a row...
Use two hands to carefully wipe the gaps between your fingers. At this warm-up is over, the massage itself begins..
We act consistently: after putting the thumbs on the sole, the rest on the lifting of the foot, slightly pressing, massage the foot with both hands from the socks to the heel. And so five times. Change the position of the hands to the opposite: thumbs on top, the rest from below. Again, squeezing the feet, pass them from socks to the heel. And so five minute crafts.
After that, quickly and vigorously rub the entire foot with both hands for 3 seconds.
Place your hands on the sides of the ankle so that the third fingers of both hands squeeze the globular ankle from the sides, and gently squeeze the ankle with your fingers for five seconds. Rub the foot.
Now work begins with specific organs and systems of the body. Its order is indicated by the numbers of the points under study on the schematic map of the foot. Press on the dots followed by the pads of both thumbs.
If the point shown on the map of the foot is not exactly found, it does not matter: the error of one or two millimeters is not so significant, especially since the pads of two big fingers still cover a somewhat larger area.
Consistently go through all the nineteen points marked on the map. In this case, each has a very specific area of ​​responsibility.
In addition to the points indicated by the numbers on the map, it is necessary to work out the thumb pad connected to the brain, and the point at the end of this finger connected to the heart. Even more important is the gap between the second and third toes, responsible for the eyes, and the gap between the fourth finger and the little finger, responsible for the ears.
Again, smash the entire foot with the rotational movements of the hand Types of pain .
With the ribs of both hands, tap on the ribs of the foot, passing it from top to bottoms.
When completing the massage, repeat the warm-up movements. Work with each foot takes about 15 minutes.
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Massage can not be done at high pressure, at elevated temperature and skin disease's.
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