inspirational stories of women

A short story ...
   You've been in love for 6 months, suddenly you have sex with your girlfriend, do her physical relationship.
 She did not agree, but for a few days, she agreed and your mark was full. Now everyone will think that there is a problem in the character of the girl, but do not think that the girl has examined the great faith you have. Everyone will think that the character of the girl is wasted, but do not think that your wrongdoing is about words.

You could have done a lot of harm if you had to admit that it would have been possible to write a tattoo in my name, "It would have been better if you did not get stained in the role of that girl."

Why do girls know everything?

Girls can all because girls are all fools of the world because if a fool is not fool, there would not have been a woman of a rapist, if not a fool, then there would not have been an eve-teaser sister, if you were not a fool, you would not have been able to buy your own food, and if you are not stupid, Do not have children ...

In the end, I will say only this, without knowing; No woman who is slandering? That woman, but one day I will call someone like you mother, someone sister
Call, somebody will call ...
It will not say that all the girls # milk wash # tulsi leaves; But it is also true that not all girls are bad. Therefore, it is not right to say that girls are bad for the purpose of girls for some girls

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