After delivery of Anamika

The spots are still very clear from the body. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at a sad sight in his foot, on the stomach. Tried to think about the miseries of motherhood. It is not a matter of a day or two, but ten months of ten months. One body is mixed with one body and one body. Turned away, in the voice of someone's voice Anamika's husband is working at the private office. It's almost late to return, office party, eat, continue. All the responsibilities of the family at Anamika alone. Their son is now small on him. Happiness is meant to surround the boy, the whole day itself is cut. After childhood there has been a lot of change in the physical phenomenon. He has become very thick since the first time, the stomach scars are still clear, his hair has become thin and thin. All the places have been relaxed in the body. Now the 34-size blouse does not fall on, it takes 36. Sari blouse bra bought these and bought it from the market itself. Arnab has to buy or shame. So by leaving the money halfway through the money. Although it was preferred by itself before. That's right, if the excavation is possible, then the stairs may be too long. But how much love has this body got a time. At first marriage, how much care, care. Ever side by side, office has earned many times. At that time, we could have slept on the ebony slip in the body. Today Anamika is not like that before. The unwanted fat in the body obstructs him to go to the party with Arnab, although the thin shafan sari is very much preferred, can not even read it. Stomach spots are understood to be very heavy. Which hit the Arnab's prestige. Woman is not as beautiful as before. Many young men in the office prefer Arnab. Fine, white color, less money does not work. Want to change the face of Arnab and occasionally, who is beside a body in everyday life and likes to sleep? The demand for the other body of Arnab, the other face is increased. The Anamika did suffer from so many months in order to get the inheritance of the house, not even thinking about the body of the child, he is now in a big way in the society. Now the era of slim trim. As much as can be narrow and certainly perfect, Demand is more efficient.

I have told a familiar event so long that you It will be seen all around. You may think, Nandini knew these words in some way? Do not know it all. Less is more, it's happening. In this way many obstacles in the body of the girl are obstacles. But the girls can get rid of it.

After the birth of the baby, stomach stains, thickening, and not being able to partner with a social event, it continues. A shame, and the complex of the body with which the complex work. But even after seeing the light of the earth from the beginning of the birth of a child, the mother's contribution is infinite. Girls want a little love, they say that at the end of the day you have to have sex with me every day. But can not bear the injury from the people of love As well as being angry, it also has the ability to relieve anger. The boys can be the father without any trouble, but one girl suffers the pain, but one brings one to the world. There is no change in his physical body, but a mother is a mother, but after a mother, she has the proof of mother since all aspects. The body of the thongs, the scalp of the skin, separates them from many other girls. It is possible that the body of oxygenic love may be created due to the distance.

When we came on 8th March, we became feminist. One Day Celebration of Women's Day in Social Media One day's devotion grew in the house. What can you say? If one particle is respected and you can not apply it correctly in the right place.

At the end, I will say, do women day and night, do not hurt nariad, do not hurt mother Today, you have become ugly, ugly, she gave birth to your baby. Women can not be tied on just one day.
Instead of taking pride in your body today. You are the woman, you are the mother of motherhood. This is the biggest identity.

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