Story of women life

When I saw myself in the mirror of the parlor, I did not recognize it. My black color has covered the color of the makeup layer. Eyes are big and stretched. Thick lip has both sliced. There would have to be karmanati. The black girl made her like a coat of silver.

Today is my marriage. Love is not marriage. Family arranged marriage. What will love, who will love black girl like me? For a black girl, no boy is standing in the street corner hours after hour. Roses does not wait. Do not offer love. If you do not accept the suicides do not take the data. When my beautiful friends came and said: I know today 14th son has offered love, I did not make it straight.

I wondered, can not it be proposed to love?
Nobody ever offered me love. No one remembers seeing a boy walking on the streets.

I'm sitting on the stage. Mother was standing a little while away. Aunt came to eat aunt called. Saw me Surprised, he said to his mother hanging the lower jaw: "Oh, I think, you can finally leave your black girl. Of course, the beauty of the parlor made in the inside is not understandable. Haha ha Well the future, the groom's party saw the real form of the girl?

Mom could not say anything. I could never say that. I do not like it anymore. To say it has become habit. Many like this aunty came, eyes bigger my fake look and heard the opportunity. Mother tactfully hid the trouble, I too. After agreeing to the marriage and not accepting it, the marriage agreed.

I'm sitting in the house of the bus. Pull the veil a lot. That's the rule. The groom will open the veil. What ridiculous I am a gift Gift to open the wrapping paper slowly. Do you know

The word is broken by the door. The door opened, and then closed again. I know he's coming. I can not see anything for the veil.
-What are you?
Can not talk, can not speak without seeing one's face? My groom seems to know about it.
Why are you putting so much veil in this summer? Remove the veil ..... I removed And he looked surprised.
What did you do? You do not know. The one whom I came to see, whom you agreed to marry, you are not.
-Asale I'm black ...
Did not let me finish the word
If you want to cover it? Why? I did not want to ... If I had problems with a black girl, then I would not agree to the marriage.

She became a little serious. Some thought
I'm a special day of your life today. I do not want to be something dummy on this day. I would be very happy if you all wash yourself and come to me.

I am looking fascinated. All looks like dreams Nice dream .... I'm heading towards the bathroom like a musical.

I'm sitting in the bathroom. Shower water is washing all the fake colors on my face. With all the pain of growing black It seems that no one offered me love for this man named Ayan. If not, I would not have loved all the love of my heart.
I feel like I have been waiting for this man for eternity. I love this man very much ...


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