Looting India Silently By Modi Government

SBI, RBI and Modi government have started looting very well. If your deposit is more than 40 times a year (money is deposited and withdrawn) in your bank account; However, every time you use 41th usage, you will be deducted 57.50 from your deposit account. Why do not you use check, card, net banking, and start robbery since 40 times.

If you are employed, then after 12 months of earning your savings, you can use 12 times a year. If you withdraw money twice in the month then 12X2 = 24 times. That means 24 + 12 = 36 times used to be here. Left 4 left!

Now 12 times a month - if you pay money every year; Only then 40 times more than the use. 8 times more than the specified 40 uses. And for this you have to pay 57.50X8 = 460 taka.

If your child is going to study somewhere or to send money to his parents in a month, then no money has to be made in the project! This robber must also share your hard earned money.

Bai Ray, Modi government! At first the name of service tax was looted; Now, the people who are getting jobs, they started plundering.

What do the people think? In this, the people will think that keeping their money in the house, keeping the money in the house is the best. At least the bank does not have to divide its own money. This day of robbery of SBI will leave the government down. Like people of Bijoya Mali, people will leave the country by debt; And the money will be repaid on ordinary people?

If you make more than 4 times the ATM, then Tk 150 will be deducted from Tk 150 and service charges will be Tk 173. Those speeches that were giving long speeds to support #note_batil, a gift for them! After the 4th transaction on the bank from 1st June, every transaction will require a charge of 150 / -. What is the result of the tree? Kamal tax, land tax, tax on bank deposits, tax from banks, tax on bank

Do not accept silently. Forward, help others know them.

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