6 tips to stay slim forever

6 tips to stay slim forever - it is more difficult than losing weight, to maintain weight loss. After working hard with hard work, after losing weight, instead of working hard, leaving fatigue and diet, they become fat again. But following some of the rules, it is possible to have a slim diet without exercising and exercising forever.

Let's Know Some Tips to Stay Slim Some Tips -

1) Encourage yourself

If you do not keep your mind strong then nothing will work. If you are able to exercise your diet hard and keep your weight under control, you can have a slur forever. But if you lose interest in the middle then lose control.

2) Instead of 3 times, eat 5/6 lbs

Make a habit of eating a little less than 5-6 times instead of 3 times. But if you eat 3 times, that will bring you 5-6 times. Over eating at a time, the meal was delayed due to the digestion due to fatigue in the body. Feed meals less often 5-6 times a day, fat will not grow.

3) Change your eating habits

Look at healthy foods without saying all the unhealthy foods. But this does not mean that you can not just eat cakes pastry ice cream or fast food. Just reduce the amount of food for 1 day a week.

4) Eat not only food but also drink

The diet changed the way but the sugar drinks the rich drinks I wish. But then there will be no benefit. Be careful about all the other drinkers in Panjabi. Drinks of soft drinks, no matter what the excessive sugar of drinks are harmful to you.

5) Take less calories

The more you accept the calories it will have the effect on weight. So eat food by calculating calories of refresh food. Slim is the only one that can keep the body forever.

6) Say yes to physical work

If you can not take a different time to exercise, do not say physical work. By creating slim habits, try to work hard to keep the floor. That may be the work of the outer work of the tiger.

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