A country where all the houses are found in the pictures and statues of jackals, but why?

A country where there are so many strange things in this world made by God that we have to be born to know it. Thanks to the internet, through which we can learn the news of various places in the world.

Today I know about a strange village on the internet. Here everyone is dressed outside the house, even if a couple can take blessings to the saint, then the holy beings give their daughters gender gains.

This occurs when a village in Thimpu town of Bhutan is in Punakha. Let us see some pictures of that village and why it is known.

Penicillus Art -

The start of painting art in Bhutan began in the 15th century. You may wonder how a Tibetan master named Drupada Phool did.

The place for creating such a monastery is determined -

The guru had said that after going to Bhutan, he would make a monastery in the air where the arrows would take place, where the arrow would take place. Where the arrow took place, there was a girl named Pelsgu Boti.

Sex Relations -

Seeing her, Mohite falls in love with her as Mohit and establishes sexual relations with her.

The girl was pregnant -

After having sex with the guru, the girl became pregnant, and on that day, E. Saints and she started living there from that day.

Fertility monastery -

A female statue was made to look like sex in there and named the fertile monastery.

Drukpa was drowned in lust.

After this incident, Druppa was called breeding and fertility and the fertility was called saint. He used to drink alcohol and sex all day.

Confidential talk -

At this time some issues of fertility gurus were in full swing. He used to say that the joy of life lies in the bottom of the navel of wine and the girl.

Drupada taught this -

Guru Drukpa asked his disciples to leave their family life and give them a spiritual life and establish a sexual relationship.

Such a blessing -

It is known that Drukpa had sexual relations with the disciples as her blessings. That's why penicillus art started. This art is called Fleus Painting.

Girls sex -

When a childless couple comes to that place, they give sex to the monks of the monastery as a blessing.

Millions of people are meeting -

Many people come every year to get children.

The benefits of

It is believed that sex is kept away from the painting and idol worship and bad thoughts.

Sex sized stairs -

According to one tradition, people of a common man used to have sex as a staircase.

God is blessed to be blessed -

According to one tradition, the happiness of God goes prosperously when the rope goes down.

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