If you suddenly lose a lift, know that you will be in danger

If you suddenly lose a lift, know that you will be in danger
If you suddenly lose a lift, know that you will be in danger
On Jan 30, 2018
Suddenly, when the elevator breaks - someone is not completely safe from the accident. Lift accidents can be said. Any time that the elevator can fall down and fall like a terrible accident. Although the lift does not take much to tear, but it does not happen either or not at all.

So, it is good to know, how to save yourself if you have to tilt down the elevator.

1. Do not jump

First of all, when you fall down in the free style, it is very difficult to try to jump. If the second skip, the elevator will fall further.

Third, it will not be possible to define any part of your body before it falls. Instead of jumping, you may get a head injury and your body may fall very badly.

2. Do not stand straight

It is not a good idea to stand upright. Because at the time of the fall, weighing 10 times the weight of the body weight comes to the feet. That could be the reason for a very serious wound.

3. The safest technique

According to Eliot H. Frank, a researcher at the Biomedical Engineering Center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the only safe technique to lie on the floor of the elevator is as soon as possible when the elevator turns down. It will spread the power to the best parts of your body.

And this will not result in more weight than any other part of the body. The downside to the bottom of the body will be spread evenly in all parts of the body, due to which balance of the body will be less injury.

But in reality, it is only to make an effort to save it, it can be a wound, but the best way to avoid serious injuries is to adopt this technique.

4. If there are more people in the elevator then they should do so

The best thing to do in this situation is to sit in the elevator floor. If you are standing, you will be less stressed in the bone than the amount of pressure the bone gets in this position. If there is no space to sit, try at least to keep the knee bent, it will also help to reduce the leg.

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