This woman is running with a battery-operated artificial heart

Artificial heart - a wide smile on the face. Gorgeous look Someone will say, his heart is not! He is living without any real heart. The more surprising it takes to hear these words, more shocking than it is when it is known, how to get to know life in everyday life.

39-year-old British resident Salwa Hussein lives with artificial heart. The motor is kept on the back and the heart is moving.
Six months ago, Selva was admitted to a hospital with heart disease. Doctors said that the heart has to be replaced. At that time, artificial heart was inserted in the cellar chest due to no donor. To keep the machine running, a battery powered motor was added to the outside. Selva is now healthy in this system. However, in all places, the baggage of the motor is carried on the back with Selva. Although Selva is not alone, the donor is not able to survive this way many people in Britain.

Selva said that to maintain the artificial heartbeat, he had to carry two sets of batteries all the time. The other works as a standby when a battery is charged. In this situation, Selva has now done all sorts of work. Selvar has a boy and a girl in one and a half years in five years. They are, however, completely healthy. She is taking care of her and all the responsibilities in the world.

The value of this plastic made of plastic is around 78 lakhs in Indian currency. The heart made in the United States was replaced by a 6-hour operation in her body, said Selva.

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