7 days of diet plan to reduce weight

Diet Plan - Many people eat less than one rice for weight loss. Many others have not eaten Din Din. But there are more damages than profit in this. Of course, for weight loss, dietary supplements should follow. This will reduce weight in a healthy way. And you can be confident. So let's know if he has a diet plan-

First day:

The most important day of your diet plan is the first day. You can also say this day in fruit day. All the time, the more fruits you eat. But with one result, it is banana. Any fruit can eat any amount other than banana. No other than fruit can be eaten. However, drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water all day. Do not keep the stomach empty. Whenever you need hunger, then eat fruit. As much as hungry, fruits can not be eaten.

Second day:

Just like eating the fruit on the 1st day, the second day will eat only vegetables. You can eat any kind of raw or cooked vegetables you like. But do not use oil during cooking. The use of oil in vegetable oil will reduce the purpose of weight loss. So instead of using the oil, boiled half or boiled in your own choice. Vegetables can eat carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, bean etc. But if you want to put potatoes in your food list, eat it at no other time in the day and eat it in the morning. Because the amount of carbohydrate in potato playing boiled potatoes in the morning will burn for the day to day work and fat will not grow. Do not forget to drink vegetables every day, and do not forget to drink 8-12 glasses of water. And to eat so much vegetables all day, it may take more time to toilet in this day than other days. But this will clear the digestive system.

Third day:

The third day is the day of eating fruits and vegetables together. On this day you will be able to eat fruits and vegetables by the stomach all day. However, the banana and vegetables from the fruit list will be removed from this day. Eat fruits or vegetables whenever you are hungry, and drink 8-12 glasses of water every day.

The fourth day:

This day will have to do some trouble. On this day just have to taste milk and banana. No other than bananas and milk can be eaten. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water with banana and milk. You can eat 1 banana and 1 cup milk in the morning breakfast. You can also eat 2 bananas and 1 cup glass of milk for dinner. A total of 3 glasses of milk and 4 bananas will be eaten throughout the day. And of course, drink plenty of water along with banana, milk.

Fifth day:

For the first time in the diet of this day you can eat rice at noon. But rice and it is not more than a cup. And on the whole day, 6-7 big-sized tomatoes have to be eaten. This is the 5th day of the diet. However, this day there is a great chance of increasing uric acid in the body, so you must drink at least 12-15 glasses of water.

Sixth day:

On this sixth day of diet, you have to make that vegetable diet again. You can eat vegetables as much as you can throughout the day, but do not cook with oil. You can eat a cup of rice with vegetables at noon. Do not forget to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day

Seventh day:

You can eat any vegetables throughout the day on this last day of diet plan and a cup of rice at noon. But this bonus is on this day you can eat any fruit juice yourself according to your choice. Especially grapefruit, watermelon, orange will eat more fruits than these juices.

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