9 Bollywood Actresses Who Look Totally Like Their Mother ...

Recently when I was watching the pictures of Bollywood actresses, I realized that many of them star boys who followed their star mum and are now reigning in Indian cinema, just like their mother, and this star girls are now successful actresses in Bollywood.

Looking at the pictures, I realized that these actresses did not accept the art of playing their star mothers, obviously they also took a beautiful look like them.

Today we are here to present a set of actresses of the present time who are looking like their star mom. You will be stuck that some of them have their 'Xerox copy' of their mother.

Karishma Kapoor - Babita

Oh mother, these mothers look just like each other, especially jaws.

You will be surprised to see the following picture that this actress is exactly like her mother.

Sonakshi Sinha - Poonam Sinha

Sonakshi can thank her mother for giving her a nice smile.

The next heroine moved to Bollywood from 'Student of the Year'.

Alia Bhatt - Soni Rajdan

Now I understand the beauty of the beauty of aliha, how she got so beautiful, smooth shape. There is no reason to say that Aliya received this form from her mother.

Tungik Khanna - Dimple Kapadia

'Much cute woman' comes to my head when I see Tungick. I am convinced that with this wonderful face, intelligence has got Tungikul from his mother.

Tanisa Mukherjee - Tanuja

From that horrible eyes, that great form, Tanisa, has received all that great tanisa from his mother Tanuja.

Karina Kapoor Khan - Babita

How can we forget that like our big sister Karishma our baboo khan received this form from his mother.

Soha Ali Khan - Sharmila Thakur

Sharmila G is her impressive figure and she does not have the time to say that her star daughter Soha has received this beauty from him. Soha is beautiful like her mother!

The next actress has not played her Bollywood yet, but her beautiful look has won thousands of hearts.

Amrita Singh - Sarah Ali Khan

Everyone understands that this is not just a nice look, even Sarah Ali Khan's striking personality is like her star mother Amrita Singh. Sarah needs to thank her mother.

Janvi Kapoor - Sridevi Kapoor

Janvi Kapoor, just to increase the name enough warmth. Jadhavi kept a striking resemblance to his super successful mother, Sridevi Kapoor.

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