A key component of cigarette making rats shit! (Video)

Some people spend thousands of cigarettes in the month of cigarette. Do you know what is made of this cigarette? Yes, after cleaning the tobacco leaves beautifully, the cigarette is made into the cylinders filled with paper and some cylinders.

However, a recent research has revealed that a mouse cigarette is the main ingredient in cigarettes. There is nothing to be surprised. Because one of the other recent studies has suggested that the world is made from the famous ivory coffee or made from ivory cottage. Like cottage made from cottage made in India!

However, it can also be accepted. But the next information that is totally abhorrent is that it is used in cigarette filters to pig blood. One study by the Netherlands showed that pig's blood was used in 185 cigarette manufacturing factories. Because cigarette filters contain hemoglobin, an important component of the blood. The Netherlands's study also found that it is used in cigarette filter with hemoglobin from the pig's blood. A cigarette manufacturer in Greece admitted the use of pig's hemoglobin. Even before that it was known that there are asbestos and dead flies in the cheap cigarette.

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