'After leaving the clothes, he was crying, but did not stop'

'After wearing clothes - winter Olympics is going on in South Korea. But there is an embarrassing incident in one of the events in this year. Gabriela and Cesarean were on the ice skating at the qualifying event on Monday. Everything was going well.

But in a moment when it comes to 'Moving' with Sijeran, Gabriela's left side of the garment has started rolling down. Suddenly it opened. And it was exposed in the left breast And Gabriela was in a bizarre situation.

There are many examples of wearing clothes while standing in front of many people. Many actresses have been shy in front of the public. But after the ice skirts of Gabriela Papadakis in France, what she did was different from ten people.

During the performance of the left side of the dress, suddenly a part of the chest goes out. The eyes are groaning with his tears. But he did not stop the physical exercise.

The male partner has been skating in uniform with the syneron in Guillaume. Visitors were impressed at that time and saw the performance of the pair.

At the end of the performance Gabriela said, it's a nightmare nightmare! I used to say myself repeatedly, do not stop. Have to go ahead. It seemed like a time, I could not even do it.

Everything is going to open; Finally, the idea that the tops will be wearing! I was going to cry. But, did not stop for a bar.

How can such a good performance in such circumstances? In the language of Gabriel, it is a matter of pride.

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