By the age of the breast did not grow, what can I do?

I am 21 years old But the size of my breast is much smaller than it was supposed to be at this age. What can I do to get the normal size?

Many girls may have questions about how to make a bigger breast. Or can we please husband with such a small breast ?? Etc. The solution to the questions is that naturally breast can now be enlarged, the surgery is not necessary. Big breast makes girls sexually attractive. Generally, the standard breast size of 34-36 girls. But many of them are small in size. For those who have a breast size of 34-36 below.

Below is the way to grow naturally in breast:
1. You have to be mentally strong. If the mind is dead, the condition of the breast will be worse. As your age and health increase, your breasts will grow up. So give yourself some time to grow naturally in the future. Besides, there are some chest exercises such as: bookdown, benchpress Apart from these instruments, you can also do empty-handed without any instrument.

2. It is gradually grown in the brain but it is slowly grown. Regular sex again and it increases (for married people). But at this time, we have to look at our own ideas. Trying to have sex for a long time and trying to be fully satisfied in sex. You have to be physically active and mentally active. This will increase the number of hormones in the body which will help the breast grow. If you want, you can use a little mustard oil or authentic honey to heat light during the massage.

3. For women, there are some special exercises for women such as: Bench Press, Butterfly Press, Push-Up (Bookedown) Regularly, they should increase blood flow to the breast tissue. In this, the chest muscles will make the breasts fit correctly. This is how the bodybuilders will work as they increase the body muscles. Expand the two hands two times a day, and repeat it again.

4. Ask your husband or partner to give equal importance to your two breasts. Take care that he does not have to take a breast. Besides, if you look at another thing, you will see that the left breast is slightly larger than your right breast. But there is no reason to worry about this. It's natural.

5. Hands on your hands, rub the light on the two hands of the nipple, turn the right hand clockwise, and turn the clock in the left hand and turn the clock in the opposite direction. 10-15 minutes before turning to sleep in the morning, and turn around 100 to 300 times in this way. Within a month, the size of the breast may increase slightly. Along with that, you have to eat nutritious and healthful food, you have to sleep a lot at night.
Full breast

6. During bath, do the massage around the breast for 10-15 minutes. If your body is slim, then eat the balanced diet for two or three months, you will get relief if you eat a little more than milk, eggs and fruits. Try to stay free of thought. As your body grows, your breasts will grow bigger. Exercise with If you do not exercise then the body can be fat again. Keep your eyes fixed on the body. Just sleep like that. Continue the massage. If you can, press 10 to 15 minutes twice a day to gently press or massage. And at this time, we have to use the right size bra. Otherwise, the breast may hang.

7. When you start exercising and starting to grow the breast, stop using breast enzymes (if you have a breast enlargement cream before the start of the massage). Because this cream usually does not work anymore. Also, do not use any pill for bigger breasts. They have side effects. Breast cancer may be up to the use of these creams / pills.
8. After a week or two, wear your breast, wear tight clothes and wear the right cup size bra.
9. If your breast size is greater than 38 then there is no need to enlarge your breast. Because many girls / females have a large breed of breasts.
10. There are also breast implant surgeries to maximize breast. It's not good to say it is not natural and this scam is expensive.
The way to increase the dolor's growth -
1 / Patience of specific exercises by understanding that the breasts are big or small.
2 / Very tight, not too loose and non-striking bra.
Pour water several times in 3 / day 2 times in the hot and cold way.
4 / big and thick breasts, they stay away from fat or affection.
Woman's stiff breast
Woman's stiff breast
5 / For more enhancement of nipples, swing and cut off.
6. Exercise 5 minutes daily in the bathroom before bathing, so that the muscles of the breast are pressured.
7 / night bra sleep open.
8 / Place a blank bottle filled with hot water to enhance the beauty of the nipples. The bottle will be a bit warm. In this condition put your breasts in the mouth of the bottle. Keep the bottle until cool. This is the best way to develop breast bot.
Foreign women's breasts
Foreign women's breasts
In addition to the above rules, it is possible to keep the breast beautiful through breast massaging-
- Massive breast milk with a few drops of olive oil.
Massage from bottom to bottom. This will make the blood flow to the nerves and be healthy. After the massage, bathe in cold water.

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