If we make a serious mistake in eating eggs, know it right now...

Our favorite food is eggs. Many food items in the morning or at night, there will be eggs. In the fear of cholesterol, some people refrain from eating eggs. Many people do not want to eat eggs in the hot day due to abdominal stomach, but white egg white is too big. However, you can eat eggs in a fearless winter day.

Clinical Dietetian Arpita Ghosh says, "These fears are absolutely unacceptable. The best protein source eggs. Nine essential amino acids are in the correct level. The egg white contains the name of the album protein. Must eat eggs without eating regular fish. '

Although cholesterol (150-200 mg) is sufficient in egg yolk, do not be afraid. Because the cholesterol does not increase blood cholesterol levels. In contrast, the egg called lecithin compounds the cholesterol to the cells and produces energy. So the energy source is also the egg.

It takes less oil to cook eggs. That is not the case for fish meat. The boiled beans are also needed. It is not right that the egg is bad because it does not digest. Eggs are fast digested.

You have to know some of the harmful aspects of the egg. There is a small hole in the egg opening. Eggs fly out of the bird's dirt road. The bacteria penetrate into the egg with holes. So eggs should never be eaten raw or semi-fried. Salmonella bacteria can cause abdominal cramps. Especially in the monsoon or summer time.

Both chicken eggs or duck eggs can be eaten. But when eating duck eggs, it is necessary to eat hard boiled (at least half an hour boiled.

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