Know the way to easily move fish thorns from the throat

Fish thorns easily from the throat - Fish is one of our least favorite foods. Almost every day food is not on the list. But after eating fish, thorns were stuck in the neck after carefulness.

In the end, many people have to go to the doctor's shelter after seeing no other way. But do you know that there is very easy and efficient way to get the thorn in your house? Take a look at some domestic ways to get thorns trapped in the neck.

White rice: It is easy to turn down the thorns of fish trapped in the throat. Eat a little water and drink a little water. It will easily get the thorns down.

Banana: A banana banana as soon as the fish is trapped in the throat. The thorns will be dropped very quickly.

Lemon: Take a piece of lemon. Sour it a little salt and sour. In a while the thorns will become soft.

Mild hot water: You can mix a little amount of salt with light hot water. The fish's thorns will become soft in it.

Soft Drinks: Another Effective Procedure to Stop Throat Thorns Eat soft drinks. Take a glass of soft drinks along with a thorn in the throat. The thorns will become soft.

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