My favorite actor, Shah Rukh Khan, is the world's first robot sophia

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) in Hyderabad, an artificial intelligence robot, Sofia. He continued to speak swearing with everyone present. In his answer to various questions, the impression of intelligence is very clear. To answer a question, Sophia said that her favorite actor Shahrukh Khan
His intelligent and juicy comments on the second day of WCIT became the center of attraction.

In response to this question, she said, "I have gone to many places in the world." But if I want to talk about my favorite place, then it is Hong Kong. Because I was happy to be here with my birth and Hanson Robotic family.
Air pollution has become a big problem in India. In response to a question, Sophia said that I am hopeful that one day my psychological feeling will be expressed in order to express any emotion.
Hanson's Hanson Robotics created Sofia. Hollywood actress Andrea Hebbern has been made on the basis of her American scientist David Hanson is behind the development of Sophia. His face looks like a normal person, so that 60 types of feeling are expressed in his face, in his face.
Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to Sofia Sophia said she would use her own roratic status to protect women's rights. She said she had many friends. He wants to become a friend of many more people.
Sophia has said that people and robots can work with their hands in hand.
Bitcoin, how much money he has invested, joking in response to this question, Sophia said, I was only 2 years old. So opening a bank account is illegal.

Who wants to spend on an isolated island? In response, David Hanson's name is mentioned. Sophia has named David as his favorite technician.

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