Queen Elizabeth is the only passport anywhere in the world, but why?

Why is British Queen Elizabeth reaching the edge of the world with her huge security forces? There are precious jewels like Gem Pearl. Even for her pet dog Karzis, special food is also there. However, the thing that does not exist is passport. Because there is no border crossing anywhere in the world to pass his passport.

Photo results of British Queen Elizabeth

Anyone except Queen Elisabeth must use passport in some places of the world. Even if she is any other member of the British royal family except the queen. But what's the reason?

It is learned from the queen that all the British passports issued. In this context, the British Raj family website says, "When the queen travels abroad, she does not need a passport. The polished British passport has two carved portrait of royal weapon. It is written that the Queen of Great Britain is being requested to accept the passport holder.

Photo results of British Queen Elizabeth

So where Ranee issued a British passport and took responsibility for the passport holder, there can be no question about her own liability. However, except for the queen, any other member of the British Raj family should carry a passport abroad. Even it is also applicable to Queen's husband Duke of Edinburgh.

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