Saudi women waiting for 5 million Saudi reals for a good husband, anyone who can marry

Five million Saudi women are looking for husbands to end the loneliness of their husbands. Saudi women are looking for husbands in the case of foreign husbands and their millions of dollars innaments after their children have been reformed in Saudi citizenship. Huffington Post

A 40-year-old Hessa, who wishes to marry, says that after her father's death, she owns a lot of heritage, but now a husband who wants to honor her.

Saudi journalist Rowa in a report in 2012 said that a woman is waiting for 50 million Saudi realities in search of a good husband. Who will take seriously the married life and responsibility.

In a 2014 Emirates news site, many Saudi millionaires told about marriage to Twitter.

A Saudi woman said in a post that she is divorced, childless, looking for a husband who loves her. He inherited one hundred million realities and he is managing his family business.

She is 39 years old. In 2007, a Saudi woman, who did not have a beautiful woman, asked for her husband to dominate. Her wealth was 70 million real.

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