Shoting at America in school, at least 17 dead

Florida: The bullet returned to school in America. At least 17 students and adult people have died in the last report. Police said that the school was fired by Nicholas Cruz, a former student of the school.

The Parkland Park in Florida is named after the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. Nicholas, 19, was a student of that school, but she was expelled for some time before disciplinary reasons. Nicholas may have probably done this rage. Being a former student, the school knew that he was like a palm of his hand. It's been reported that at school he would first fire alarm. The fire ran and ran out of fear. He shoots indiscriminately at that opportunity.

The bodies of 12 people rescued from the school house, two more out of nowhere. 1 body found outside the street outside the hospital, two more people died in hospital. Nicholas surrenders without having any resistance to the police. He was arrested.

US President Donald Trump has expressed condolences to the victims' families.
In this year, 18 firing incidents have taken place in American schools. More than 5 years ago, at Newtown, Connecticut killed a gunfighter and killed 20 shooters and 6 teacher educators.

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