Some pictures of Karina Kapoor that she would be ashamed to see herself, the 5th image is deadly ... 18 +

All of my favorite actresses Karina Kapoor Khan. Bebo is known as Bindaas actress of the movie. If you appreciate him, then every word sounds small. When Kareena's news came to light, her character played by her in front of our eyes.

After moving in Bollywood with acting in a Refugee film, she has also been involved in her acting, love, marriage, even during pregnancy. Like Karina, her dressing senses are amazing.

However, Kareena has been subjected to many debates in her career. We will discuss it today. So let's know what's going on late.

Unknow Karina

Early career Karin Kapoor seemed like this. Over time, Kareena has improved in beauty. You believe in yourself

Without makeup
After Chik Bonson surgery, Kareena looked like this. It seemed like his appearance without makeup. Big odd It is good to see that now his face has changed.

Bebo in intoxication
This is the expression of Karin's face, or who knows he was drunk. Let's just look at the picture, think about what the gain is.

Liplock with Bipashara
In this way nobody is unaware of Kareena and Bipasha's catfight, but when they met each other in an event, they started kissing with each other as if they were doing liplok. However, sometimes it happens.

It got worse
 This image of Curina was very viral in the social media. Kareena was sitting in the chair on her dip necklace and then another man was picking up her shoulder from her shoulder.

Terrible appearance
This image of Kareena was at that time when Kareena started acting in her film. Now many faces have changed.

Profit bytes are ashamed
This picture relates to Saif when he broke up with Kareena Shahid at the time. Now what is the need to say that Kareena gave this love byte?

Do not thicken
After watching this picture of Karina, I think she is a Punjabi family. Hey brother, the Punjabi people like to eat and drink. Looks clear in the picture.

Tanning Ola Karina
If you think that you're just scared by the tanning problem, then you're wrong. Take a look at this picture in the bedroom.

Liplock with Shahid
This picture was made at the time when kirana and Shahid Kisying MMS became viral. Now Kareena has gone ahead of all these things. He will not want to see his pictures of others.

Such pictures too
This picture of Karin shows her skin in her thighs, which is shameful for anybody.

Actually, after watching these pictures of Curry, you'll see what I saw.

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