Spend only 20 rupees for a whole year...(Video)

Mosquito one year - mosquito The name of a painful insect. In addition to the annoying emasculation, they infect the bacteria. These mosquitoes can often cause death of humans. Through mosquitoes, chikungunya, malaria, dengue, filariya, yellow fever, jika virus etc. are very serious infections. It is not easy to spray mosquitoes in spray, coil or aerosol. Again, with the removal of mosquitoes, our health is severely damaged.

Or can you say that I have a bat. But how long will badminton play with a mosquito? 10 mosquitoes will be present in 100 mosquitoes. You will die but your mosquito will never end!

Now know how to spend only 20 rupees for a whole year to be free from mosquito breeding. But before that you need to know about the harmful aspects of the coil and air force. Otherwise they will rotate on your head.

The harmful aspects of the human body:

(1) If you burn a mosquito coil for 8 hours, then 137 cigarettes contain poisonous smoke.

(2) The pulse seen in the kayl is so subtle that it is easily stored on the path of our breathing and lungs to make toxicity.

(3) The smoke of the eye of the mine can cause severe damage to the eyes.

(4) The coil immediately kills the mosquito; But there is slow poisoning in the human body. As a result, people slowly go towards death.

Harmful aspects of human body in aerosol:

(1) Aerosol is very harmful for the heart. The heart of the human body is directly damaged by aerosol.

(2) Loss of aerosol's carmine eyes, long-term use of eye-work efficiency can be completely eroded.

Now know how to make the trap of mosquitoes

Materials Required:

(1) A plastic bottle of two liters (Sevenup / Coke / Fanta / RC Cola Any PET Bottle).

(2) Two-thirds of a glass (200 mL) boiling hot water.

(3) Twenty-three percent of a cup of brown sugar (if opened, sugar will be good but refilled sugar will still be).

(4) One spoon of esthet (available in any super shop or big grocery store).

Preparation method:

To be free from mosquitoes, you have to follow the prepared animal step by step. First, cut the plastic bottle with a knife in the 3/4 inch above the top. Then pour the brown sugar or open sugar or powdered sugar in the bottom part of the bottle. There is no need to shake. Then pour a cup of boiling water. Then leave the first two parts of one spoon, two parts. Now put the upper part of the bottle to the inside of the big bottle. Please note that the mouthpiece should be open on top of the bottle. Because the mosquitoes enter inside there. Then tighten the big and small pieces with a tape. That's right! The mosquito killed the homemade trap. Keep the trap in any corner of the house. You can walk a full year.


Keep the kids out of reach. So that they do not forget.

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