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Why the girls become fat after marriage? You will also find shame if you know.

It is believed that marriage has a positive effect on health and living. Still why after the marriage of the man?

Responsible for their daily living

In one of Europe's nine countries, observations show that couples usually eat more healthy foods than single ones. However, the weight of their weight increases significantly, but the labor levels decreased.

Researchers see, married men buy more organic and fair prices than unmarried people.

Jute ma, assistant professor of the Department of Health Psychology at the University of Basel, the chief author of the study, said, "The men involved in the lasting event eat more and more healthily with great consciousness."

But that does not mean they are good health.

Studies show that married men reduce physical activity compared to unmarried.

Researchers observe the relationship between marital status and Body Mass Index (BMI).

High BMI can cause chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease.

Researchers reviewed 10,260 respondents' information in cross-sectional ways in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain and Britain.

The results of nine countries show that BMIs of couples are more than unmarried, both male and female.

Ralph Hartwig of Berlin's Max Planck Institute for Human Development said, "Social issues can affect health. And marriage and related changes are directly related to physical nutrition and weight. "

Researchers have done additional research on married couples as well as unmarried couples.

From couples, they know that they buy more of regional and unprocessed foods than canned or packaged food.

Mother said, "In reality, couples do not live in a healthy way in all areas, as the result of this research indicates that it is believed."

This study is published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine.

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