The female actors go to bed on their own, show evidence in the picture

Nayakirai voluntarily - The whole world is talking about sex harassment in the movie. The artists of various movie industries are protesting against this aggression, protesting.

From the Hollywood to the Asian region, everyone is excited about the many unknown experiences.

Bollywood's most popular producer Ekta Kapoor has turned her attention on sexual harassment. According to the successful producers of TV series and cinema, women are not only men, women are also responsible for sexual harassment.

She said, there are many actors and actresses who willingly go to the producer or director's bed. If you think that the real culprit?

Ekta Kapoor also said that there are many directors and producers in Bollywood who have been victims of sexual harassment. Not only the actors who are victims of this persecution, but they are not.

In fact, the latest series 'Ragini MMS Returns' produced by Ekta Kapoor. It is one of Bollywood's bold and hot franchises. The popularity of this series is also great.

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