The young Priya, who took a sigh of relief on the Internet, said that the real love of hypnosis is eternal

I do not have any questions to pardon. Rather, in this decade, people have been crazy in the decade of dragging a bumpy chest. When he said this in his eyes, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan How many times have youngsters in the eyeballs of Madhuri Dixit? And in the Millennial Generation, she took the hilol that Priya Prakash Variyar That's not the end of the girl. But who is this teenager? Look at Griha Kiyan, who is the favorite of this ... Let's know his identity.

Like a young man, Priya is so fascinated, so much so that the teenage girl gets enough hilol. Name Roshan. Age is eighteen, college education. Dancer This is his first movie. Roshan did not even dream that the first clip of the first film would be released only on the Internet.

Everything is going to be like a dream. There is no storm in the rush of Priya, but there is no storm in Roshan. However, because of his love, he was curious about him. If Priya speaks with eyes, then she has spoken to him as a teenager. He does not compare with the way he has flirted with the simple words. He does not have a star studded like Salman Khan. But Roshan, who was totally buried in the child's attitudes.

Now the person's response to the response of the person's response to the answer, everyone is very happy. Yes, if the fate is so, then seven murders can be forgiven, the flirting is far away.

Meanwhile, Priya has become very famous overnight, and the problem is that the people of her house have been in trouble. Hours of phone are coming. Everyone wants Exclusive pictures. Mother is struggling to cope with needs Lastly someone calls me, the girl is now in the hostel. The decision to send the girl to the hostel is to make sure that the head of the girl does not rot in fame, because of her fame.

The picture of this clip is viral, the photo work has just begun. Manager is forbidden, no interviews right now. Precious guardians are not even asking for it. As a result of the love of the whole country, she is now out of record,
But Priya has already recorded the record. One day his Instagram fan has increased nearly six million Statistics show that Priya is the world's third-largest CEO, Earlier, there are records for Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie Zener. He is now enjoying the fame of his fame, sitting away from the limelight.

The music of a song has reached the top of the popularity of social media in just over a few hours. Before Valentine's Day, the video of the exchange of love with the classmates in the face of the eye raised the Internet on the Internet. In this way, Priya is excited about the fame of fame. How do you feel this feeling? The answer to this question is not to speak in the face of love. Then in one breath, he said, how to handle the overnight development of the stardom, he can not imagine.
The Internet is still matched by recording all the records, the Priory song video in the next Malayalam cinema Oru Ada Love movie.
Priya says it is not possible for him to publish this happy language.
Actually, it might not have been so far in imagination that in reality, Priya was not. Omar Lulu directed Oro Aadar Love - initially played a small role in this college study. But the scenes of Priya acted music turned around everything. To say more, love manifestation in the expression of his eyes.
Priya said that the scene was shot in January. Omar Iqca told me to do something new. I then did it myself in the scene. The first time that performance was absolutely correct.
Priya is giving credit to her fate in the whole incident. He said, never thought that the song will appear in public that it will be so much.
Priya Priya's first year of Bikram Bimla College, Bikrama Priya, now wants to enjoy the nervous reputation. He said, yesterday went to college. My teachers and my classmates look, I'm much more excited than me. My family is very proud too.
Making a plan to concentrate on favorite movies But now he wants to continue his studies. As well as singing and dancing classes.
What is his sense of love? In response to this question, Priya said that love is like a mage. It's absolutely overwhelming. The time has changed. In this modern era, the attraction of love is irresistible. In the scene of the movie we have expressed our love for each other in the school. And that love is the sweetest part of love. Speaking in your eyes, suddenly being ashamed is very sweet.
Before Valentine's Day, Priya greeted the love and happiness of her fans. He said, I believe in real love. For every generation, this trend of love continues in the same way. The ability to control this hypnotic power of love, technology or subdivision, no one else.

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