This person has created a world record by preferring 13 women together ...

In every man's life, a woman is needed. For this they are married to each other. Then they dream of building a happy family with their parents. This is the only way to follow the rules of the law.

But today we will know about a person who has preached 13 women together. 13 people are going to be the father. But let's know how it is possible.

This man married 13 women. The incident happened earlier, but this person is different because the person has given birth to his 13 wives together. In fact, 13 women have been together at the same time.

It is called the world record in an English newspaper report called Daily Mail, because no such incident has happened before. The person married the 13 women together. Now they are all pregnant.

His 13 wives said that they are happily living together. They all love their husbands. They are very happy to hear the news of being pregnant together.

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