We All Use Mobile But Do Not Know What is (IMEI)

IMEI key - Each mobile phone has a unique number of 15 digits. This number is used to identify any phone in the world. Without phone and terrestrial network, such devices like PCMCIA Wireless Internet Card are available on 3G / 4G tablet, Laptop and this number.

How to know if IMEI number is a SIM on mobile, if there is a serial number and dual SIM then there are two IMEI serial numbers on the phone. This number is written on all mobile phone baskas or in the phone. But if you want to dial * # 06 # you can also know your phone's IMEI number. But the number can not be copied The best is to write somewhere for later use.
IMEI number is useful. Now you know the phone's IMEI number. What to do with this? There are some websites through which you can verify the phone's specification. If IMEI number is given by clicking imei.info on this website, information about the phone's specification and hardware will be available. When you buy a used phone, use this website to check if the phone is real.

To know if your phone has been blocked or stolen, visit imeipro.info this website. To block the lost or stolen phone, contact your network provider and block your mobile number and IMEI number by requesting it to block, your mobile phone will be blocked.

Besides, if you lose your mobile phone, if you come with an IMEI number according to their rules at your local police station, law firm staff will try to recover your lost mobile with the IMEI number.

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