What food to eat as the loss of the drowsiness?

Q. What is the food and what medicines to eat as the loss of the pain?

I was 1st class student of 1st year. I have been confined for 5 years. Now I have given this practice two months, because of the damage that has been seen as low in sight, physical health problems, and in the nets, the child is unable to be born in Jambhadan. To compensate for this loss, what can I eat more and what medicines can I eat?

Answer 1- You have to drink more water. You should increase the quantity of vegetables. You will have to eat food and eat it. And if you have seen the recipe, you should avoid it. Feed the need. Fulfilling the fruit is complete.

Answer 2- If you drink more water after masturbation, then you will be able to fill up the damage that you have caused by masturbation.

Answer 3- Honey and kaleidoscopic medicine. You mix honey and kalizira together. Eggs, hot milk, green vegetables, plenty of water. These are the only foods of sexuality. Do not tell the medicines that you will not be able to do any of these medicines on the basis that you can benefit from these foods.

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