Who is this young woman stormed the Internet?

Theeyes of a smiling face turned to a laughing young man. The disorganized young dancer threw an eyebrow in his hilarious face. After that, the young girl first drew a second eyebrows with a brilliant eyebrow. Wonderful as it is.

Then the young man danced two eyebrows in the same way. Then the turn of the girl to be surprised. Because the girl gave her a smile. The young left his face unbelievably in front of the friend. Just a few seconds of video. It was said in a few seconds that many sentences were said. What a weird

At least social media is saying so. Because this video is now viral on social media The troll is made with a screenshot of the video. The social media has become interested in identifying the youths who are spreading the moment. Who is this young?

It is known that the girl's name is Priya Prakash Warrior. She is an actress in southern southern India. Basically this is a movie song scene. Whose name is 'Oru ada profit'? The film is directed by Omar Lulu.

The video that is spreading is part of a song. The title of the song is 'Manikya Malaraya Poovi'. The movie has not been released yet, it is still waiting. The song is released as part of the campaign. And after the release of it, the storm is in the social media. Social Media's video sharing platform is ranked 17th in YouTube's trending video list.

It is a matter of surprise that the lover of the world is about to bounce around the world, but it is not the heroine of this movie. She is in some scenes of the film. Although he is still in the role, he still did not say that the maker Omar Lulu

Indian media said that the name of Priya's father Warrior. Priya is in Kerala's Trishur She is studying B.Com at Vimla College there. This is the first act of Priya in a movie. And in that he became a genius star.

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