Why the child is intelligent if the woman's hip is heavy?

If women's hip is heavy, their children are more likely to possess intelligence. Researchers have mentioned this in a recent research report.

Why the child is intelligent if the woman's hip is heavy?

Scientists have said that women's thigh and hip fats play a significant role in the development of children's brain.

Studies have shown that fat in these places of the female body helps develop their children's intelligence and develop their order. University of Pittsburgh University Professor Will Lacek said that the region is full of fat or DHA which is very important in the development of the human brain.

Professor Lasek also mentioned in his newly published research paper that the fact that the woman's body contains so much fat is still wrapped in mysteries. Although there is usually 5 to 10 percent fat in the body of mammals, there is evidence that fat is up to 30 percent on females.
Professor Steven Gaulein of Lashek's Assistant and University of California, has shown that feminine fat is very important for the development of children's brain.
Lasek said that while the children are growing up, the mothers' body's DHA works together and they reach the baby's brain through breast-feeding.

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