You can not even imagine the horrific 5 roads in the world - see video

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People have taken control of the airspace by themselves. Thousands of years ago, the waterway was swamped. But on the land some roads still remain inaccessible to the people. The people who go through these roads are very brave and great explorers. Let's get to know the news of the ten rugged roads one by one,

1. Guueling tunnel is going on in Tahenang mountains of China. The one-half kilometer long, 4-meter wide tunnel has to be shaken while going through.

2. The James Dalton Highway in Alaska is second on the list of the world's most dangerous roads. This road made from stone from Yukon River to Rudhoya is sometimes seen as the river's water.

3. Norway's Roorma Trolestegne road is very popular for tourists to thrill. Dangers like a snake-shaped road are in danger.
4. Italy Stelvio located at a height of about 6, 138 feet above sea level, will give a thorn in the face while passing through.

5. Mexico's 1 711 km long Federal Highway is known as the fifth dangerous road in the world.

6. The Jigi La road, which is connecting between Leh from Srinagar to the Himalayas, is located at a height of 3,628 km.

7. Bolivia's Death Road went to the mountains. This road is so narrow that there is no way to go as well as two cars together.

8. BR-116 is the second longest road in Brazil. But the vast sections of this road are filled with dugout.

9. Although the Atlanta Road in Norway is considered as the most beautiful road in Europe, it is also known as dangerous road.

10. The longest road in the world, Russia's Trans Siberian road is at the tenth place on the dangerous street list.

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