Apple said to make 47 years to open the locked phone!

If the phone is locked in the wrong password of the phone's password or security pattern, how long does it take to unlock? A few minutes or a few hours. But the Apple authorities sought 47 years to open an iPhone locked iPhone in China!

China's local media said, a woman named Lu went to the office leaving her iPhone on her two-year-old son. When the game was locked on the iPhone Lockstream, the pressure was repeatedly. The phone is locked again and again. And it took millions of minutes to open the lock. After the iPhone customers' care, after 47 years of the phone can be unlocked, authorities said.

The two-year-old son of Loo, who is playing the game, has repeatedly given a hand in the lockstream of the iPhone. In order to wait 1 minute, 10 minutes to wait 25 million minutes, the phone says.

Last but not least, Apple has asked authorities to format all the data on the phone. Then the phone is using the new lu Usually, when all the operating system with Android is locked and the phone is locked - you do not want to enter the wrong password. Even if someone tries repeatedly to do so, then the next time the operating system takes time to try.

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