Be careful ... the foods that make up the cancer - see if you are going to eat

Caution creates cancer - morbidity cancer Prevention of good treatment. Cancer is made by rapidly uncontrolled cell division of the body. Various studies have shown that many foods reduce the risk of cancer and many foods increase the risk of cancer. Know the foods that increase the risk of cancer and make others aware.

1. Potato chips: Artificial colors, flavors, trans fats and lots of salt are mixed to make the taste of chips. Various studies have shown that it increases the risk of cancer.

2. French fries: According to the American Food and Drug Administration, acrylamide is caused by cancer causing high heat and oil exposure during the formation of French fries.

3. Processed meat meals: Bacon, Hotdog, Middloff, sausage, burger etc. have sodium nitrate in foods. Studies have shown that the processed meat of sodium nitrate produces cancer by becoming a nitroco in the human body.

4. Soft drinks: The soft drinks of the market are harmful colors, extra soda and artificial sugar. It increases the blood glucose by increasing the insulin resistance and making metabolic syndrome and cancer. Studies have shown that there is a '4-mileylmodial' color in soft drinking, it increases the risk of cancer.

5. Artificial Sugar: Artificial sugar is 10 times sweeter than supertrate sugar and calories is zero. It keeps weight in control. So very popular. Studies have shown that eating synthetic sugar regularly can lead to brain cancer.

6. ALCOHOL: Extra alcohol produces DNA breakdown cancer through the chemical changes in the human body and become acetaldehyde.

7. Grill, barbecue: Grill, barbecue is made of high-heat heterosyclic amines in this type of meat. This can lead to cancer.

8. According to the American Food and Drug Administration, 30 percent of the insecticides are carcinogens, according to poisonous pesticides and chemicals. It creates any cancer in the human body.

9. Open Market Shrubs: In the market, there are contaminated water, ice and harmful colors. They cause jaundice, hepatitis and liver cancer.

10. Old Oil: Due to the use of free radicals, it can lead to DNA breakdown.

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