By the simple 14 ways women can make a man crazy, see number 7 is very romantic

A woman is nothing less than an extraordinary gift given to God in this world. A male lucky person, if she is a woman to care for her, loves her without condition and does not even bother her at all. And the man complains about all the problems he encountered while having me with a woman.

The relationship should always be mutual - and what I see in most articles on the Internet is about what women should expect from their men or what a man should do to win the heart of a woman. So I thought that women are just suitable for what they do, which can make their people unconscious around them.

There are some incredible things that make a man crazy about a woman. So women, take a look ...

1. Be yourself

 I know, it may seem chic and you always hear it. But, the best thing is that if you feel like yourself, a man might be crazy for you. You do not have to take any spaces to entertain someone. And I believe, this will make your men like you more.

2. Respect yourself

 There is no honor from anyone who does not have any respect for himself. If you have been dishonored yourself, how can you expect someone else to respect you? Just respect yourself, and it will make some surprises for you.

3. When you put your head in her chest.

 This is the best and healthy place they like. Men feel responsible and they take great care for the safety of their women.

4. Be spontaneous

 Meet her place with Pizza, Wings, and Beer. He will not only admire greatly, he will be very impressed with you. It can be very annoying always, and he may be very annoyed at you.

5. Have to accept

 If you want a man who wants to get mad at you, then you have to accept them completely. When a man thinks he can not hide something around you, he thinks he has got a bigger one.

6. Hold on to him

 You must accept it, you must accept it! Hold on to him. Tell him your secret secret. Tell him your goals, your hopes and your dreams. Share your opinion with specific controversial issues with him.

7. Hold his hand during a long drive.

 Men do not want physical pleasure only, they want to take the true synthesis kindly when they are affectionate with love and partner. I know it's very specific, but try and thank me later.

8. Spend some time in social media.

 When you publicly praise him and show love for him on social platform, he loves it. So share your moments together online. He could not say it, but he would appreciate efforts.

9. Call him while he is with friends

 Men are happy when you call them while you're busy with your friends. It tells them that you remember him, just as you think of him.

10. Be confident

 Confidence is sexy! This means you understand how you like and want to tell you to the world - and men love it.

11. Take responsibility

 I'm not stressing enough that a man loves to take a girl to bed. One person does not feel insulted when pushing on the chest, when a girl pushes her in front of the bed. Do it. Be naughty You will enjoy it.

12. Pay attention to him

 You openly expose her hair, find her, find her and walk on her and embrace her in front of everyone. These gestures are of men's liking.

13. Stay busy

 There is a life away from the relationships you have. Spend time for your hobbies, events, and activities, when you have time to do it yourself.

14. Be helpful

If he wants to build a blanket and box or a cardboard fort in the bedroom, maybe you want to play video games all day - encourage him from beside him! Every person has a child and a girl loves her childly behavior rather than taking her away, you will get a special place in her heart.

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